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When you want Pagan based music where do you turn?

I personally have many favorite bands for Pagan based music. I am listing a few of them for you. I would love to hear from you on what you think of them.

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Wendy E. Rule —>


Livia —>




Damh the Bard —>


Loreena McKennitt —>


I’m sorry I kept you waiting, but I am here now.

I am sitting here writing notes to friends. I use BB for Blessed Be, but it also means Be Beautiful. Be Beautiful from the inside, not the out, although that is a by-product of it.

The world is in utter chaos and the Earth Spirit of unrest. People are getting caught out there for the disgusting acts. Do they really think that the truth can hide forever? They have dug their own graves and created their own hell. Apparently, Karma is in action. In some circles, they would say that the Saints have been answered.It is an uprising of the Spirit of Good, the one which people have been ignoring for years now, except for the holidays in Winter. Nothing is more obvious about this when Simon’s mean demeanor became funny and being belittled became a fad while others are bullies. Sure everyone does sarcastic stuff but is it really healthy to do a lot? Will we turn into the assholes we dislike?

Pray for the health of the people, the cleansing of the Earth and Her inhabitants. The prayers ARE being answered my kindred, see it, believe it. It is happening.



My informational wealth is yours!

I have found the lowest prices in hydrosols, and believe me I have looked around. I have done the calculations and they are definitely the best in price. It seems our dog has anxiety and this drove me to look for hydrosols to use to help her. Specifically Chamomile Roman.
I think you ought to take a look at this site. They even have little bags they are cushy to carry or store your essential oils in. The bags are all handmade by the Co-Owner, this is a family business and they have a business model we can all afford to buy from.


Help Needed!


Morning Glory’s Goddess Legacy!!

Renowned Pagan Priestess and Goddess Historian Morning Glory Zell passed through the veil on May 13, 2014. Her dying wish was to preserve and secure for generations to come the knowledge and wisdom she carried of her incredible 350+ piece collection of Goddess figurines from around the world and throughout history. This GoFundMe Project successfully funded her students to compile a professional catalog of the figurines.

Morning Glory’s dream was that someday her collection would be housed in an educational institute or museum of some kind with the special designation that these Goddesses be made available—especially for women—to touch and hold, for personal empowerment as well as scholarly pursuits.

Her Vision is miraculously coming true! After months of searching in vain for a suitable property to establish a land-based community, Morning Glory’s widower Oberon and several other dedicated friends determined that the best course would be to create an exhibit center under the auspices of the Grey School of Wizardry, which was incorporated in 2004 as a secular 501(c)(3) educational institution.

And so, in November of 2015, to preserve and perpetuate this unparalleled accumulation of cultural relics, archives and artifacts, the Grey School established the Academy of Arcana in Santa Cruz, California. This public location at 428-a Front St. serves as an extensive library, museum, educational facility, community center, and lasting monument to two remarkable individuals whom millions of Pagans worldwide recognize as beloved founding figures.

The Academy is now seeking funding to ensure the continuation of this unique cultural heritage. Funds will be dedicated to building an infrastructure and covering the staffing and expenses required for the preservation, archiving, cataloging, display and storage of the legacy collections of Morning Glory and Oberon, as well as exhibits and collections of other important figures in the magickal community.

Donations to the Morning Glory Goddess Legacy will now be routed towards the Academy of Arcana to assist in this important project. The long term security of and public access to her Goddess Collection, as well as the Zell’s extensive library and museum-quality collection of historical archives and artifacts, will be established by the continuing maintenance of this facility.

Thank you so much for your donation to the legacy of the Goddess in honor of Her Priestess, Morning Glory Zell.

Come one, Come ALL to the Head-bangers Ball! January 30th 12 noon to 12 midnight.

House of the Damned


Bring your guy, Bring your doll to this outrageous ball.
To spend the night and have some fun,
hit the board for the raffle, ten in all is who will win.
Wear your dappers or rockiest clothes, It is your choice how to pose.

house-of-the-damnedRaffle bike_001.png
We have ten 1947 Chief Road-master Red Glory Indian motorcycles to raffle off plus half of the raffle pot will go to one winner! Invite all of your friends, family, and acquaintances too.



Do you have Pizazz?

I had just bought my Maitreya mesh body a few days before I found Pizazz store in Second Life. I bought a pair of shorts on the Marketplace. I tried and tried to put the shorts on but for some reason I could not get them on!

I decided to contact the creator by instant message. She was very quick to respond and noted that with messages getting capped quickly I was lucky she saw mine. Brajeet teleport-ed me to her design studio and gave me a a learning session on mesh bodies, mesh clothes, and huds for both.

Let me say, that this amazingly talented woman did not have to teach me these things. This should be taught by the mesh body creators within world. That being said she went ahead and taught me anyway and to her I am extremely grateful.

Her clothes are the best fitting, most detailed, and come in so many colors and all included within the hud that she places within the purchase. Her store is Pizazz Couture and she has just as much pizazz and is a very funny and is really kind.


Please check out her store:Pizazz



Check out that awesome 10 linden wall too! That is me at BBW Heaven Beach Club pool.

pizazz couture 10l bikini_001.png